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We’re having a “good news” and “great news” day today.

The good news is: our company, Beka-Lube Products Inc. has been purchased by the manufacturer of BEKA autolube products, Baier + Köppel GmbH + Co. KG of Bavaria, Germany.

Along with our business and operations in Canada, BEKA also purchased the assets and operations of our U.S. division, Beka-Max of America Inc.

From now on, we will be an integral part of BEKA’s international network. This gives us a chance to streamline some of the processes that let us deliver the products and services our customers are looking for.

As North America’s BEKA distributor, we have always enjoyed a great relationship with the factory.
But now, we ARE the factory!

The great news? Nothing else will change for you, our employees or any of our customers and dealers. I will continue to manage our business in Canada and in the United States as Chief Operating Officer. Dave will remain as our Product Manager and will continue to be our technical advisor. Our people in Mississauga, Buffalo and Atlanta will continue to serve you as they have in the past.

You will see a name change in the U.S., as Beka-Max of America Inc. integrates with BekaWorld LP, the global BEKA brand. The President of the new organization will be Sven Pitman, an experienced engineer. In Canada, we’re still Beka-Lube Products Inc.

I’m very excited about our future as part of the BEKA family. Growing this company with my late father has been a rewarding experience. We are known as a major player in automated lubrication all over the continent and in every business sector. It’s very satisfying to know that BEKA also appreciates what we have built here.

Bernhard Köppel, BEKA’s Executive Managing Director, noted we are recognized for building the industry’s best sales, service and support network. We have a fantastic team of capable, dedicated people here – a key reason for BEKA’s interest in purchasing the company. But now we will have direct access to the same resources that has made BEKA a world-class brand.

Bernhard Köppel is the third generation of his family to lead the company since it was founded by his grandfather in 1927. Visit the Baier + Köppel website to learn all about the research and manufacturing facilities behind the BekaWorld brand and the BEKA lineup of autolube products.

We worked hard to achieve this milestone in our industry. From here, things only get better. I’ll be glad to have you along for the ride! If you have any questions or concerns about any changes here, please drop me a line or call me personally at 1.888.862.7461. As always, our door is open!