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The construction industry is growing! Here are some tips on how to keep it that way.

Pumps-Pico-Pic1In recent months, the construction industry has been steadily growing, and according to the U.S. Labor Department more than 48,000 jobs were added in February alone. That’s the highest statistics since 2009, and 2.5% higher than this time last year. There’s been an immediate rise in workloads – but as a result, companies are dealing with more work, less staff, and less time to complete the work.

Great things are happening for the industry! But in order to keep it where it needs to be, organizational changes and strategies need to be implemented in order to better manage your upcoming projects.

  • Prioritize
    • It’s important to determine what’s urgent, and what’s not. Taking on a project that needs immediate attention, and placing another on hold is not always a bad thing. Use a spreadsheet or a matrix to help manage and prioritize projects in the order of importance. Visuals can help in determining which projects should take precedence over others.
  • Organization counts
    • Being organized can save countless hours per week. It increases productivity and adds a streamlined flow to your workday. There isn’t any one way to stay organized – but repetition is key.  For example, putting the keys to your machine back in the same place every day eliminates times wasted on searching for them the next day when you get into work. It’s that simple!
  • Be a good delegator
    • Delegating work is a necessity – it frees up time, gives employees responsibility for work, and makes sure it gets done. Things that you can delegate to others include tasks that you’ve already mastered (giving someone else an opportunity might bring new ideas that you would never think of), projects that will help your employees advance (help them develop skills that will bring them to the next level in their careers), and things you’re not good at (why spend extra time working on something that someone else can do better?)

Is your company ready to embrace all of the positive changes in the construction industry? Contact Beka-Max of America  today! We build several types of construction lubrication systems to keep your machinery up and running, and we’re here to accommodate all of your custom manufacturing needs. Visit us at or give us a call at 1-888-862-7461