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Protect Your Techs!!

For anyone who owns big machinery, it’s a common sight to see technicians scrambling around up, over, under and on the equipment. Routine maintenance often involves climbing up on machine decks, scaffolding or ladders to reach service points located on booms, upper conveyors and transports high above the floor level. Awkward locations and slippery surfaces can make machine service a dangerous occupation.     

Don’t put technicians in harm’s way

The wide range of auto-lubrication solutions available today can eliminate many of the hazards that service staff will face on a daily basis.  

It’s human nature for technicians to strive to meet high expectations to complete their tasks quickly. Their whole purpose is to keep the equipment up & running, not sitting idle while they grease a production unit. They are always working under pressure, often fatigued and without thinking about it, drawn to take shortcuts that might put their safety in jeopardy. In recent years, too, we’ve seen trends toward asking fewer staff to do more work thereby putting safety concerns at even greater risk.

Automated lubrication can alleviate both sides of the problem: less downtime for the operation, and increased safety for service crews.

Keep the equipment running

In facilities that run continuously operating equipment, such as a sawmill or conveyors, progressive grease circuits allow continuous lubrication throughout the process.  Operation Managers will install safety barriers around process machines to keep crews out of harm’s way. To service the machines manually, the line has to be shut down. BEKA systems, however, offer a choice of programmable pumps or central lube points that allow techs to complete grease service from behind the fence, even while the equipment is still running. There’s no more need to climb ramps or crawl under the equipment with a tool kit, simply to apply grease.

Well-grounded solutions

Single point access on the safe side of the safety fence. This is a great way to keep your maintenance personnel safely away from the danger zones.

Similar solutions are available for mobile equipment. OEMs increasingly equip large cranes, excavators and material handlers with extensive guarding to protect staff who require service access to various parts of the machine. But most of their lubrication needs can be met without having to leave the ground in the first place. Even for the most remote bearings and pinions, a compact lube pump like BEKAONE can be installed right at the service point to provide continuous, long lasting service.  

We recall one employer who was unsatisfied with the safety of the service procedure for a large dozer, which required a worker to reach around its blade mechanisms to grease the blade hoist manually. We installed a single remote lube point a safe distance from the blade. This remote zerk feeds a grease block which delivers grease to all of the blade’s service points. This solution not only prevents injury, it saves time every working day.  

Experienced service crews are among the most valuable assets for any processing or heavy equipment operation. It pays to protect them from needless hazards and let them focus their skills on the more demanding tasks that only they can do.

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