Call: 1-888-862-7461
Call: 716-685-3717
Call: 1-888-862-7461
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Dear BekaWorld Partners

We wanted you to be one of the first to hear about some exciting changes occurring with BekaWorld, LP.

You may have noticed our new logo on this letter. It is paired with our new tag line “German Engineered, American Made”. This change represents at BekaWorld, LP a discovery about who we are and how we want our partners to see our brand. We have heard for many months about how it is time to see change within the BekaWorld organization. That time for change is occurring now.

We have not only designated a change to our company logo as we are also changing how business will take place. Starting in September, BekaWorld, LP will branch out from Beka-Lube Products out of Mississauga, Ontario Canada. Although both companies will continue to support each other, BekaWorld will now have their own dedicated phone lines as well as dedicated inside support from both sales and engineering.

We wanted to provide advance notice to our partners regarding these changes and have you prepared for our go live date on September 3, 2018. You will notice within the information below, BekaWorld, LP will have a new phone number and contact information for all employees in our Buffalo, NY office. We are also changing our mailing address for all correspondence, including checks. If you prefer, ACH payments for invoices will also be accepted and details can be provided upon request.

BekaWorld, LP
258 Sonwil Drive
Buffalo, NY 14225
Phone Number: (716) 685-3717
Fax Number: (716) 685-3634
Sales Support:

Regarding employee contact information, mobile phone numbers will not change; however, specific individual email address will be in a new format: (first initial and last name)


Roland Lorenz
BekaWorld, LP