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Buffalo, NY – BekaWorld, the world leader in aftermarket automated lubrication systems, recently introduced a single point lubricator, BEKAONE.

The new BEKAONE single-point lubricator reliably and precisely supplies grease to any existing lube point. It makes sense for hard-to-access and hard-to-service lube points in almost any application including: motors, drives, bearings, conveyors, compressors, and chains.

BEKAONE takes care of servicing hard-to-reach lubrication points on a regular basis.

BEKAONE will operate independently and automatically for up to two years. It’s easy to install and refill. Set-up for lube cycle and dose is right on the pump itself. The pump displays how many cycles are remaining. BEKAONE’s compact size ¾ less than 3” in diameter, holding 4 ounces of lubricant ¾ means it can fit into tight spaces. It also has class-leading, 10 bar pressure. Each unit can be refilled up to six times manually with just a grease gun.

Manufactured in Germany, the BEKAONE is tough enough for harsh climates. The sealed electro-mechanical pump and lithium ion battery are designed to operate efficiently in temperatures between -4°F to +140°F with a suitable lubricant.

Compared to manual greasing, BEKAONE automatic lubrication:

  • Saves time servicing hard-to-access and remote lube points
  • Improves coverage as lubricant is applied while equipment is operating
  • Improves safety and is more environmentally friendly because it eliminates leaks and spills
  • Increases component life
  • Decreases repair costs

About BekaWorld, LP
BEKA is today’s leading global brand of automatic lubrication systems for industrial, over-the-road and off-road applications. Since 1927, BEKA has been trusted by equipment manufacturers and owners for high quality innovative central lubrication systems.

With its North American head office in Buffalo, New York, BekaWorld, LP supports BEKA central lubrication products and services. In Canada, the sales, service and production facility for Beka-Lube Products Inc., is located in Mississauga, Ontario. Our two North American companies work closely together to assemble, distribute, support and service our dealers and customers across the continent. We measure our success by your up-time.

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