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Many choices, one lube solution that’s right for you

We often talk about the many different ways BEKA can improve lubrication service in industrial applications. A couple of recent installations demonstrate the range of solutions that we can develop – all customized to the specific needs of each process.

In the first instance, we provided systems to serve both an oven line and a packaging line for a leading brand of breakfast cereals.

Taking the heat

The oven line included more than 270 roller bearings, each with a lube point. The maintenance department had been lubricating the line manually, with 2-3 grams of grease going to each bearing. As a result, the line was shut down for a full day about once a week to do the service.

Our solution was to divide the line into sections and to then install a series of grease circuits served from one central point. Lubrication is still completed manually, but now service is done at just 22 points, instead of 270. Our customer is saving hours of scheduled maintenance every week and could convert it to an automated system at any time.

For the packaging line, we upgraded the lubrication from a manual to an automatic lubrication system. Staff was previously applying oil onto conveyor chains with brushes. We used BEKA’s EP1 pumps to deliver oil rather than grease. Our tubing feeds the oil to horsehair brushes, which apply the lubricant as the chain goes by. (We also have standard nylon brushes, but our experience at another bakery showed that horsehair is better suited for service in these high wear applications.)

The automated system is ideal for use in an oven or proofer, with continuous accurate dosing to minimize any risk of a component failing inside an oven loaded with bread or cereal or pizza!

We learned quickly that this customer achieved the desired results from our system, as we are now upgrading the rest of the lines over a period of time.

CNC manufacturing

In our second case, we automated the lubrication for a CNC machining station to manufacture products used in global construction products. The customer was aware of our systems, as BEKA pumps were built into equipment they had purchased from the OEM in Germany. When they initiated a search for ongoing solutions and support, our office in Canada responded. From the outset, they wrote to us to express appreciation for timeliness and the technical detail in our submission.

The project involved over 100 grease points in the CNC machine. Routine service was especially time-consuming because staff needed 3 hours to dismantle the equipment before they could gain access to the service points. Then, of course, they had to re-assemble the machine after the lubrication was complete.

With BEKA’s automated lubrication, the downtime for lube service is eliminated. Even better, the system applies precise doses of lubricant continuously, while the parts are moving. In such a high-speed heavy-duty application, continuous lubrication will extend the life of the equipment. Our system is saving capital costs for the customer, as well as improving operating costs and productivity.

Again, we’ve already received the customer’s PO to equip a second installation of the same machine.

More ways to adapt

BEKA’s ingenuity in autolube technology really come to the forefront in these industrial projects. We have a tremendous array of technical options at our disposal to spec the right system for each case. Our industrial line-up include a specialized range of grease and oil pumps; various reservoirs and voltages, injectors and distribution blocks. We can adapt the hardware and controls to virtually any lube type, including high-temperature food grade greases and oils – and we will always take time to verify that our componentry and your oils will work together as specified. We can also meet special requirements, such as explosion proofing, and we can advise on integrating our fault monitoring programming with an error code reporting on the rest of your process.

We truly understand that the last thing you want in your production process is a failure that shuts the whole line down. If we don’t have the exact solution your equipment and products need, we’ll create it! That’s how BEKA earns their keep, to keep you running smoother and running longer with no unscheduled downtime.

If you have any questions about your system or wonder which BEKA system is best suited for your process, give us a call at 1-888-862-7461 or send us an email.