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We were very pleased and proud to learn that our advertising agency, a long-time ally in our growth as a company, was selected recently as a finalist for the Business Integrity Award from the regional Better Business Bureau.

iss_4379_00382Imagine that, “Integrity” and “Advertising” in the same breath!

In this case, however, I’m not a bit surprised – I know that the recognition is well deserved. I recall a column on “Truth in Advertising” that the owner and founder of the agency, Robert, wrote for a major business publication. In it, he explained how basic integrity must be at the root of any lasting business success. “Outrageous promises and unsupported claims will always attract attention, and maybe even make a sale,” he wrote. “For the long term, though, you rely on repeat business and referrals… anything that smacks of dishonest advertising will be called to account, loud and clear.”

The value of integrity goes beyond advertising alone, of course. Robert’s firm has always provided us with honest, transparent guidance, which has led us to a close, lasting business partnership built on trust.

And that’s the way we believe all business ought to be conducted. We know it works. I have watched, first-hand, as our BEKA Lubrication “brand” grew to nationwide leadership. Along with our success and profitability, we earned the trust and friendship of manufacturers, dealers, suppliers and customers everywhere. The creators of BEKA products, Baier + Köppel, also recognized the strength of our brand values in America. And that became a major factor when the factory negotiated the recent acquisition of our business.

There have been times when it may have been easier for us to over-promise to our dealers, or resort to questionable marketing tactics, or to walk away from a customer’s problem… but that doesn’t build strong companies.

One of the first lessons of business we learned in our formative years is that ethical (and respectful) business practices are the only path to take for long term success. Since we opened up our BEKA Lubrication offices in North America in 1994, we’ve tried to practice what we preach, and we encourage all the stakeholders in our industry to stay to the high ground at every turn.


minexpo2016We are heading back to Las Vegas to close out September and to take part in the big event of this Fall’s show season. MINExpo (September 26 – 28) only comes along once in four years, so you can always count on a huge extravaganza with a great turnout.

Technology And Solutions” is the theme of the show, so BEKAWORLD will be right at home here. We will be highlighting a very wide range of solutions for mining applications. Mines are so reliant on good preventative maintenance, it’s one of those industries that truly “runs on grease!” We’re proud that BEKA can offer solutions for every part of their process.

  • Mobile equipment including haul trucks, excavators, loaders and underground vehicles
  • Production machinery such as grinders, crushers and screening plants
  • Transfer systems from conveyors to hoists

Side-by-side with mining’s vigilant approach to maintenance is the industry’s constant focus on improving safety. BEKA has a role to play here, as well. Whether our progressive lubrication circuits are operated manually by a technician or automatically by pump, they help to keep people out of harm’s way while ensuring consistent service to equipment that, very often, never shuts down.

Sometimes, we’ve learned, a simple solution can have the greatest effect. While the timing might not be right to service a machine through one of our multi-line automated systems, one of our new compact PICO pumps in the right place, or BEKAONE, our single grease point package, can eliminate a significant safety risk from the daily service routine.

BEKA systems are also renowned for running clean, too! Safety officers will see the difference in BEKA’s end-to-end process solutions or in a single out-of-the-way pump: there’s no grease spills to create a slip hazard on machine decks or production floors.

What’s new in BEKAWORLD?

If you follow this blog at all, or you’re on our email list, you have read about how our organization has changed and we are now part of the global network. We’re excited by the even closer relationship we now have with the BEKA factory – “we ARE the factory!” – and our direct access to BEKA’s excellent engineering and product support people.

Do you have any questions about these changes?

Come and see us at MINExpo, or any one of the shows on our Fall calendar, and we’ll be glad to fill you in.

See you then,

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