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Breaking ground with BEKA HAMAX 2

According to Dave McDougall, Product Manager for Beka-Max of America, operating without adequate lubrication will quickly damage a breaker. “These attachments operate in the most demanding environments. If you are manually lubricating a breaker, it requires frequent stops, operator time and lost productivity, if you are doing it at all”.

That’s why getting an automatic lubrication system for breakers is ideal to help:

Close up of BEKA HAMAX 2 installed in breaker.

Close up of BEKA HAMAX 2 installed in breaker.

  • Reduce your maintenance costs and unscheduled downtime
  • Protect your equipment from abrasion, corrosion and metal-on-metal damage
  • Increase your productivity
  • Minimize the time and costs associated with manual greasing

To simplify everything, McDougall recommends the Beka-Max hydraulic lubrication system that mounts directly on the breaker to provide continuous automatic lubrication during operation.

In describing it, McDougall says, “We call it the BEKA HAMAX 2. Our customers call it peace of mind!”

The tool-mounted HAMAX 2 lubrication system will bolt securely onto any type of medium to large breaker. Actuated by a powerful hydraulic motor, the adjustable feed-rate pump supplies lubricant to the breaker as soon as the breaker is activated.

“We supply a number of OEMs for installation at the factory level but in many instances, rental stores and municipalities will order it without the lubrication system and call us to install after the fact,” says McDougall. They know that this will protect their investment by ensuring the hammer is being lubricated while in operation. Every time the hammer is energized, the HAMAX 2 provides grease until the hammer is stopped (or chisel paste – see previous blog post on this product) to keep the tool cool, lubricated and operating efficiently. The HAMAX 2 is also fantastic for contractors. The lubrication system becomes part of the breaker unit, so it doesn’t need to be separately attached or disconnected from the carrier. With the HAMAX 2 on the breaker, contractors can quickly and easily switch between attachments, increasing their productivity.

iStock_000008534615LargeThe Compact version includes the same heavy-duty design and components, but on a smaller scale. The HAMAX 2 Compact unit can fit on even the smaller breakers, those designed for backhoes and mini-excavators.

Our customers use the BEKA HAMAX 2 and BEKA HAMAX 2 Compact lubrication systems for any applications that you would normally use a breaker including infrastructure applications, demolition and in quarries. Both systems are all built to the same exacting standards of all Beka-Max products. Their streamlined but heavy-duty design makes these systems extremely reliable and dependable in all work environments.

McDougall advises that if you need a carrier-mounted lubrication system for your breaker and your excavator, Beka-Max can install their dependable BEKA MAX SYSTEM with the right-sized reservoir from 4.4 to 35.3 lb. (2 to 16 kg) on any unit in your fleet.

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