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With Road Truck Grease Systems, As With Most Things in Life, You Get What You Pay For

The road truck lubrication process may not have all the same requirements as the process of greasing heavy equipment, but it’s still a heavy-duty job and should be taken seriously. A feature on reports, “Each year a single semi will average 45,000 miles, yet the estimates from the trucking industry and the Federal Highway Administration are closer to 100,000 miles for long-distance trucks.” For all types of road trucks, proper maintenance and lubrication help to keep the trucks – and business operations – running smoothly.

Beka-Max-home1Road trucks rely on lubrication to help them go the distance, but users and operators are often tempted to take the most inexpensive route to lubrication. But that’s not the best route to take. Keep this in mind: When it comes to road truck grease systems, as with most things in life, you get what you pay for.

Using inexpensive grease systems or relying on manual lubrication systems might seem like they cost less at first. However, often they’re not able to deliver the same benefits offered by automatic lubrication systems, and these benefits become more apparent and more vital over time:

  • Quality and type of grease is important for your investment: Fluid grease systems are not comparable to EP2 grease systems. Using your maintenance manual is your best guide to the proper grease you should be using.
  • Dynamic lubrication vs. static lubrication: Dynamic lubrication is an in-motion process, providing more thorough lubrication overall.
  • Reaching a greater number of grease points and more flexible access: Any way you look at it, operators simply can’t reach where automatic lubrication systems can!

Automatic lubrication systems make sure the process is done right and the initial investment will pay off in the long run. We’d be happy to review all of the advantages of road truck grease systems with you and to show you how having automatic lubrication systems can keep your road trucks – and your business – on the road to success!


2014 Year in Review – Looking Back While Moving Ahead

HNY1They say time flies when you’re having fun—it also flies when you’re very busy! It’s been an especially busy and successful year for us at Beka Max, and as we look forward to continued success in the New Year, we’d also like to take a moment to look back at some of the highlights of 2014.

Of course, we continued to offer our exceptional line of products to countless customers in a range of industries. From our Beka  product line for  manufacturers and industrial customers , to our heavy duty systems that support the country’s construction, mining, agricultural, and manufacturing businesses—and much in between—we’ve stayed committed to being the best.

But there were plenty of changes, as well. In the early fall, we officially moved into our brand new facilities in Buffalo, New York; with over 5,000 square feet of warehouse space and 2,000 square feet of office space, we’re prepared to grow and serve any and all needs.

Here, the latest technology houses a larger inventory of products, and dedicated areas for repair, shipping, and receiving mean whatever our customers need, they’ll get it quickly every time. Add to that our new conference room, and you have a facility that matches our overall level of excellence. Needless to say, we’re very happy with our new home!

But that’s not where the change ends—it extended from our physical location to our online presence, with a new and improved website. With a better look and feel, and new features ranging from product videos to user-friendly features and icons, we’re confident this new website better represents us and our brand.

Some things will always stay the same, and one of those is our passion for interacting with our clients and the industries they serve. That’s why we stayed quite active attending trade shows throughout 2014, and we loved every minute of it.

We started the year off with the World of Concrete (WOC) show in Las Vegas in January, then headed to the always exciting CONEXPO 2014, also in Vegas, where we unveiled a new booth. April  brought us to the ISRI Conference and WASTE Tech, where we saw new and old friends in the waste industry, before heading up to Toronto for the Canadian Recycling and Waste Expo—where we enjoyed catching up with our neighbors to the north.

We then rounded out the summer with the American Wind Energy Association Conference, the Global Petroleum Show (our first time, but not our last!), and the Association of Ontario Road Supervisors show. Add in successful runs at the American Public Works Association show, the NYS Hard Hat Conference, and a number of events attended by our Canadian office, and you’ll see just how busy and exciting it all was!

As we look back, we’re reminded of all the wonderful people we saw and met along the way, all of the positive changes we made, and all of the ways our entire staff worked to be the best. We’d like to thank our customers for their loyalty, and we promise that next year will be even better.

Need a Lubrication System Immediately? No Need to Wait

The single most important thing when manufacturing lubrication systems is that they are of the highest possible quality. And we’ve got that covered.

But the next thing on the list—the aspect that can get taken for granted until it’s too late—is the ability to deliver wherever, whenever, to meet immediate needs. At Beka-Max of America, we can provide shipping of stock products next day to most U.S. destination for our stock products

That’s right—we will ship everywhere in the country, including Saturday delivery, to ensure that when you need our products, you won’t have to wait for them. We go the extra mile because we know how many people need the products the next day, and we know what it means to be without your lubrication system when you need it. Downtime is simply not an option for you, and we work hard to make sure it doesn’t happen.

This is one of the things that set us apart from the competition. In fact, we’re constantly told by our suppliers and clients that other companies don’t do this, and don’t offer this level of service. We strive to provide the highest level of service, because, quite frankly, what good is a product if it’s not there when you need it?

So no matter which lubrication system you need, for whichever industry or application, you can rest easy knowing we’ll get it quickly to you, and that the service you receive will be at the same level of the quality of the product itself.

Beka Max of America Inc. and Beka Lube Products Inc. Has a New Website: It’s Improved and Better Than Ever

beka website

The BEKA brand is and always has been synonymous with innovation. Our products and services are cutting edge, and are valued by countless worldwide customers for their state-of-the-art technology and quality.

That means that sometimes, change is in order—change can make a great company even better. Don’t worry, we haven’t changed the quality of our products or our service!

We’ve recently redone our website, and we think it’s now a much better representation of our commitment to excellence, and to our clients.

So what will you notice when you visit our new site, and what have we changed for the better? Here are just some of the additions:

New Product Offerings: In an effort to make our website more inclusive and user-friendly, we’ve added products to it. Chisel Paste and MATO products, for instance, are now on the site.

Contact Us Link: We welcome and encourage contact and questions from our customers; now, our website reflects that! You can easily contact us through our website now.

Videos: Naturally, our customers can benefit from seeing our products in action. Now, through the video link on our new site, they can.

Images, Icons, and Overall User-Friendliness: The fact is, we offer a wide range of products to so many industries, and now, we’ve made it easier for clients in all industries to find what they need. Users can now click on the industry links, images, or equipment icons, each of them leading to the relevant product or industry. For instance, a tractor icon represents the agricultural industry and a truck represents road or off road applications. However, our products each serve various industries, so you can also search on industry pages (such as this one for construction) or through specific product links on the home page. In short, there are many easy ways to lead you to exactly what you’re looking for.

We believe that our new website accurately reflects our new corporate branding—providing a better look and feel that matches what we’re all about. We’re happy to note that we’re getting very positive feedback as well.

So please check it out, explore, and get to know the new And remember, if you want to contact us with comments, it’s now easier than ever!

Beka Max of America Inc. has a NEW Facility!

Sonwil Drive Sept 2014 (7)

Sonwil Drive Sept 2014To continue to better serve our customers we recently moved to a new facility in Buffalo, New York.   Our new location is located very close to Buffalo International Airport and consists of over 5,000 square feet of warehouse and approx. 2,000 square feet of office space.  It has several upgrades – allowing us to remain technologically competitive, and will also allow us to stock and display more products than we could in our previous location.

Beka Max of America shipping and recieving Buffalo, New YorkOur new space has features which will allow us to continue to expand our business to customized lubrication systems.   Increased warehouse space provides us with the ability to increase stock to better service new and existing customers.  We also have a dedicated service area where we can repair or configure lubrication systems to meet the needs of our customers.

Beka Max of America new facility in Buffalo, New YorkIn addition, our expanded shipping and receiving area has made moving products to our customers much faster and easier.    As many of you know, at Beka Max of America Inc. we fill and supply Chisel Paste for used in our Beka automatic lubrication and manual grease systems for use with impact hammers.  Increased warehouse space has provided us the ability to increase our output to better supply this expanding market.   We can also house more inventories for our customers who request private branding of our chisel paste.

Our new conference room gives us the ability to host events and meetings for customers – making it perfect for product demonstrations, training and other industry centered events.

We continue to work to provide superior service to our customers, and our new location will help us in achieving this goal!

The Unique Advantages of Chisel Paste

chisel pasteBEKA-MAX products are used in many specific applications in which nothing else on the market will work quite as uniquely they will. At times, simply nothing else will do.

Our chisel paste is one of these products. Used for the lubrication of hydraulic hammers/breakers, it is especially designed for hammer applications, and their unique needs. It is designed to reduce wear and extend the life of hydraulic breakers subjected to high stresses, shock loading and extreme vibrations.   It is distinguished by its ability to protect against corrosion in wet and salty environments.

When hydraulic hammers are used to break through concrete, they generate a significant amount of heat, which also gets transferred to the chisel itself. At those times, it’s important that the grease does not run off, and standard grease won’t ensure this.  Therefore, you specifically need to use a chisel paste, which sticks to the equipment. Our Chisel Paste is an extreme pressure, extreme temperature lubricating paste. It is based on calcium sulfonate complex chemistry fortified with copper paste and other proprietary solid lubricant additives. Manufactured from highly refined mineral oil blends, our paste is designed to withstand extremely high shock loads, wet environment and to protect against rust, corrosion and heat.   Key features are:

  • Excellent EP and AW Properties
  • Excellent Shock Load and Vibrations Resistance
  • Excellent Corrosion Protection Even in Salt Water Environment
  • Excellent in Wet Environments
  • Temperature Range: – 20 °C / + 1100 °C

Chisel Paste can be applied using a Beka Max Automatic Grease System or manual grease guns.  We offer our chisel paste in conjunction with our and other lube systems, and also as stand-alone products to those in need of only the paste. Either way, we’re sure our customers find that it delivers the needed results without fail, and stands up to the environment. Like all of our products, using it means longer part life, greater efficiency, and, in the end, better cost savings.  

You can learn more about this product and its unique application here on our website.

An eventful year for Beka Max of America!

Beka Max of America’s OfficesBeka Max of America’s has a very diverse customer base.  Automatic Lubrication, Spray, and Manual Grease Systems are required in many industries, and in order to reach as wide of an audience as possible, we participate in trade shows specific to our target audience.  In 2014, we have covered the construction/aggregate, waste, municipalities, trucking, wind energy, mining, and oil and gas industries.

In January of this year, we attended World of Concrete (WOC), in Las Vegas; Beka Max of America began the trade show season with a resounding success.   After a few slow years, it was great to see many attendees attending the events again.

Following WOC, we had a great showing at CONEXPO 2014 in Las Vegas, where we unveiled our new booth. The new booth combined with our quality lubrication products resulted in a positive response from attendees and other exhibitors.

Following close on the heels of the Construction trade shows, were shows related to the waste industry.  We attended the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries Conference (ISRI), as well as the WASTE Tech which was held in Atlanta, GA in March. During these conferences, we met with new and existing customers.  In November of this year, we will be participating in the Canadian Recycling and Waste Expo (CWRE) in Toronto.  Beka Lube products, [our Canadian Company] will be exhibiting at the show – and we expect a great turnout!

In June, we returned to Las Vegas for the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) Conference.   This conference brings wind farm owners and developers together to discuss the Wind Energy sector and see the latest products and services on display.

We also went to Calgary, Alberta to participate in the Global Petroleum Show.  This large conference services the Oil and Gas Sector, and was our first time in attendance.

Also in June, Beka Lube Products participated in the Association of Ontario Road Supervisors( AORS) municipal trade show.  Now, we are planning for the American Public Works Association (APWA) which will be our last major show of the year.  The APWA Conference will be held August 17 – 19 in Toronto, Ontario Canada.  It will be the first time in 25 years that the conference has been held outside the USA.  In Syracuse, NY we partook in NYS Hard Hat Conference which provides municipal management / workers to see the latest in the industry.

Our Canadian office has also been active in trade shows this year.  We have already participated in the TruckExpo, and we exhibited in Timmins, Ontario at the Northern Mines Expo.  This show allowed us to demonstrate how our products can work in northern environments.   To compliment this conference, we will be participating in the North America Mine Expo in Sudbury, Ontario from Sept 10-11.

Beka Max of America Inc in the US, and our sister company in Canada, Beka Lube Products Inc. have had a successful trade show season to date.  We look forward to seeing our new and existing customers at events in the future.

Automatic Lubrication—and Peace of Mind—for Agricultural Equipment

Our lubrication systems are designed for the harshest and most challenging of environments, serving the needs of many industries and applications.

Using our lubrication systems on machinery and vehicles helps ensure the longevity of the Pumps-EP1-2.5kgpicequipment. Lubrication systems ensure the vital parts of machinery receive the necessary lubrication (oil or grease) to guarantee consistent operation.   Automation Lubrication can reduce repair time and costs, and provides overall endurance and prolonged lifespan of parts and components.

One of the types of equipment to benefit from BEKA-MAX lubrication is agricultural machinery. We offer a complete range of products to accommodate lubrication of all types of agricultural machinery. Using oil or grease, the system can be sprayed, apply with brushes or direct to pin to lubricate the machinery’s chains, pins and bushings.

During harvest time agricultural machinery needs to run without breakdown. Some machines have 90 lube points or more.   It is important for the users of agricultural machinery to know that the machine will perform, last, and won’t break down at a moment’s notice. The simple process of applying our lubrication offers that necessary peace of mind.

You can view our products on our website, and if you have specific questions about how BEKA-MAX can help serve your agricultural needs, contact us today.

Automatic Lubrication Systems For On and Off Road Equipment

Lubrication plays a vital role in keeping pins, bearings and bushing operating smoothly and helps to ensure the longevity of many types of machinery. In industrial settings, overall productivity of the facility can be improved by utilizing automatic greasing systems.

Automatic lubrication systems deliver controlled amounts of lubricants to necessary grease points over specified time intervals. These systems offer a host of advantages. They keep machinery operational, save repair time, and help ensure against part failure. Lubrication systems are designed to meet the requirements of the specific machine.

On and off road equipment such as trucks, trailers, and agricultural/construction/mining Heavy_Equipment_Verificationmachinery are a few of the machinery that will benefit from a lubrication system. Many of these work in harsh environments. It is important to have a rugged and durable mobile central lubrication system. These systems are essentially the same as those designed for fixed construction sites, but are built to endure the rigors of mobile applications. Several different types of systems are available for trucks and mobile construction machines. Multi line, dual line, and progressive systems are just a few examples. Multi-line systems feed an individual lubrication point, supplied by an individual line, while dual line models provide the distributers with lubrication from two different lines alternatively. Progressive systems supply the lubricant in a fixed order to different lubrication points from the distributor.

Many mobile lubrication systems have advanced features which are designed to increase the durability of on and off road equipment. For trucks and trailers, standard EP2 or “shop” grease can be used. A rugged central lubrication system using EP2 ‘Shop” grease is ideal to protect machinery. The grease pump should be able to work in a range of temperatures and weather conditions.

By installing mobile automatic lubrication pumps, highly stressed trucks, construction, and agricultural machines can reap many benefits. These benefits bring about significant cost savings while maintaining strong structural integrity. A mobile lubrication system is an investment that truly pays off.

Things are Looking Up for the Construction Industry this Year with Spray Lubrication for Cranes and Boom Trucks from BEKA-MAX of AMERICA INC.

Spring is in the air here in the northern hemisphere, and construction activity continues to pick up in pace. Contractors are optimistic about the upcoming arrival of warmer weather, and they’re also optimistic about business, in general. In fact, a survey of construction industry executives conducted by Wells Fargo says the level of optimism in the industry has reached an all-time high and construction activity will increase in 2014. Things are looking up for the construction industry, in general!

construction equipTo keep up with the quickening pace and the high level of activity in the industry, construction professionals need to be sure their machinery and equipment is properly maintained and lubricated so they can handle the jobs that will be coming their way. Applying spray lubrication for cranes and boom trucks is the best way to keep these high-reaching and telescoping vehicles and equipment moving smoothly and rolling along.

BEKA-MAX of AMERICA INC. offers professional-grade spray lubrication systems by MATO GmbH that are ideal for providing spray lubrication for cranes and boom trucks and other construction vehicles and equipment: The LubeJet-eco system; the pneuMATO55-static and the pneuMATO55-mobile. These spray lubrication systems are ideal for both in-shop or mobile applications, including large-surface or hard-to-reach machines and equipment, vehicle gears, chains, ropes and more.

The MATO spray lubrication systems:

  • Prevent and limit waste because the spray lubrication system allows for thin-layer application of lubricant.
  • Offer easy application and control – even on difficult-to-reach surfaces.
  • Provide mobility because the systems are portable and easy to handle and manage

The LubeJet-eco spray lubrication system is a manual spray gun, while the pneuMATO55 system connects to a twin-hose that manages both the grease and the high-pressure air supply.

Be ready for the increased construction activity this year with spray lubrication systems from BEKA-MAX! Let us know if you have any questions about the LubeJet-eco or pnewMATO55. You can contact us through our website or call us at 905-821-1050. We’d be happy to tell you more about spray lubrication for cranes and booms and other construction vehicles and equipment.