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We were very pleased and proud to learn that our advertising agency, a long-time ally in our growth as a company, was selected recently as a finalist for the Business Integrity Award from the regional Better Business Bureau.

iss_4379_00382Imagine that, “Integrity” and “Advertising” in the same breath!

In this case, however, I’m not a bit surprised – I know that the recognition is well deserved. I recall a column on “Truth in Advertising” that the owner and founder of the agency, Robert, wrote for a major business publication. In it, he explained how basic integrity must be at the root of any lasting business success. “Outrageous promises and unsupported claims will always attract attention, and maybe even make a sale,” he wrote. “For the long term, though, you rely on repeat business and referrals… anything that smacks of dishonest advertising will be called to account, loud and clear.”

The value of integrity goes beyond advertising alone, of course. Robert’s firm has always provided us with honest, transparent guidance, which has led us to a close, lasting business partnership built on trust.

And that’s the way we believe all business ought to be conducted. We know it works. I have watched, first-hand, as our BEKA Lubrication “brand” grew to nationwide leadership. Along with our success and profitability, we earned the trust and friendship of manufacturers, dealers, suppliers and customers everywhere. The creators of BEKA products, Baier + Köppel, also recognized the strength of our brand values in America. And that became a major factor when the factory negotiated the recent acquisition of our business.

There have been times when it may have been easier for us to over-promise to our dealers, or resort to questionable marketing tactics, or to walk away from a customer’s problem… but that doesn’t build strong companies.

One of the first lessons of business we learned in our formative years is that ethical (and respectful) business practices are the only path to take for long term success. Since we opened up our BEKA Lubrication offices in North America in 1994, we’ve tried to practice what we preach, and we encourage all the stakeholders in our industry to stay to the high ground at every turn.


ing_37831_12262As the Thanksgiving Season has passed in Canada and approaches quickly in America, many of us are turning our thoughts to preparations for Winter.

This is an especially busy season for those of you who are in the business of handling Winter snow. It’s time to get all that equipment prepared to start hitting the roads and moving loads. Snow plows, graders, wheel loaders, dump trucks and salters will soon be heading into the shops for annual maintenance and tune-ups.

So, while you’re at it, why not take this time to make the rest of your season easier? 

No matter what type or size of snow equipment you operate, it relies on consistent lubrication to be in top running condition when the snow flies. And, since you’re in the shop anyway, right now is a great opportunity to install a lubrication solution that removes daily servicing from your morning (or late night) checklist.

The right solution for you could be as simple as a compact or single-point pump placed where you need it most. Or it could be a complete progressive system that keeps every service point on your machine and attachments consistently lubricated automatically. Or it could be anything in between. Call any BEKA dealer or send us an email at and learn about the many options available to you.

Every BEKA lubrication system is engineered to pump grease effectively through the coldest days and nights. So you’ll sleep well knowing that, when the call comes to move snow, your equipment will be ready to run smooth, and run longer.


minexpo2016We are heading back to Las Vegas to close out September and to take part in the big event of this Fall’s show season. MINExpo (September 26 – 28) only comes along once in four years, so you can always count on a huge extravaganza with a great turnout.

Technology And Solutions” is the theme of the show, so BEKAWORLD will be right at home here. We will be highlighting a very wide range of solutions for mining applications. Mines are so reliant on good preventative maintenance, it’s one of those industries that truly “runs on grease!” We’re proud that BEKA can offer solutions for every part of their process.

  • Mobile equipment including haul trucks, excavators, loaders and underground vehicles
  • Production machinery such as grinders, crushers and screening plants
  • Transfer systems from conveyors to hoists

Side-by-side with mining’s vigilant approach to maintenance is the industry’s constant focus on improving safety. BEKA has a role to play here, as well. Whether our progressive lubrication circuits are operated manually by a technician or automatically by pump, they help to keep people out of harm’s way while ensuring consistent service to equipment that, very often, never shuts down.

Sometimes, we’ve learned, a simple solution can have the greatest effect. While the timing might not be right to service a machine through one of our multi-line automated systems, one of our new compact PICO pumps in the right place, or BEKAONE, our single grease point package, can eliminate a significant safety risk from the daily service routine.

BEKA systems are also renowned for running clean, too! Safety officers will see the difference in BEKA’s end-to-end process solutions or in a single out-of-the-way pump: there’s no grease spills to create a slip hazard on machine decks or production floors.

What’s new in BEKAWORLD?

If you follow this blog at all, or you’re on our email list, you have read about how our organization has changed and we are now part of the global network. We’re excited by the even closer relationship we now have with the BEKA factory – “we ARE the factory!” – and our direct access to BEKA’s excellent engineering and product support people.

Do you have any questions about these changes?

Come and see us at MINExpo, or any one of the shows on our Fall calendar, and we’ll be glad to fill you in.

See you then,

Beka-Lube Products Inc. / BEKAWORLD LP
2830 Argentia Road, Unit 9
Mississauga, ON L5N 8G4
Tel: 1-888-862-7461

BEKAWORLD keeps operations running smoothly in any industry


Whether you work in transportation, construction, forestry, food processing, manufacturing wind power or other industry, you can’t afford to stop. Margins are tighter than ever, and unscheduled downtime can cut into profits and productivity.

When it comes to keeping machinery working, grease is the word. Autolube systems are the ideal way to apply lubricants, and help:

  • Reduce your maintenance costs and unscheduled downtime
  • Protect your equipment from abrasion, corrosion and metal-on-metal damage
  • Increase your productivity
  •  Minimize the time and costs associated with manual greasing

At BEKAWORLD, we have specialized in autolube systems since 1927. During that time, we’ve developed the products, expertise and insight needed to cut maintenance costs and maximize uptime in a wide variety of applications.

Construction – BEKA-MAX Vehicle Lubrication takes care of the entire fleet with autolube systems for all makes and models of heavy equipment. Plus, BEKA HAMAX supplies specialized, lubrication systems and copper-based chisel-paste for use with breaker attachments.

Industrial Applications – BEKA INDUSTRY Lubrication has cost-saving insights into the needs of any heavy equipment or process application. BEKA manufactures and installs single-, dual-, multi-line and progressive systems that deliver continuous lubrication to hundreds of service points automatically, over short and long runs. By reducing or eliminating the need for manual greasing, you’ll save money on labor, increase safety and uptime.

fluilub         beka_max
Transportation – Whether you’re an owner/operator or a fleet manager, an automatic lubrication system will allow you to go further. BEKA-MAX Vehicle Lubrication offers specialized solutions for all makes and models of trucks. BEKA FLUILUB provides lubricant spray systems for wheel flanges and rail heads on rail cars, rail cranes and locomotives.

Wind Power – BEKAWIND manufactures and installs central autolube systems for all of your UPTOWER lubrication requirements to help keep your wind turbine operating reliably for years.

Forestry – From the forest to the mill to the lumber yard, BEKAWOOD has the industry-specific knowledge to create an autolube system to fit any forestry process or processing equipment used in every step from the forest to the lumber store. Autolube also means increased safety for maintenance crews who can stay clear of the danger zone.

Food Processing – Food packaging safety is greatly increased with our waterless lubrication system from BEKA FOODLINE. Our unique expertise and products will help keep processing, conveying and packaging equipment running smoothly.

Service Professionals – Because there will always be a need for manual grease guns, BEKAWORLD offers MATO professional-grade Lube-Shuttle® grease guns that are clean, efficient and easy to use.

So, regardless of your industry application we have the experience and knowledge to maximize your uptime. If you have any lubrication questions, please contact us today!

How to order an automated lubrication system kit correctly – the first time

Take the headaches out of installing an automated lubrication system by getting the right kit the first time. When ordering a kit, give us all the details. We need them to provide you with an autolube kit that is customized to your machine. Getting it right the first time will save you time and money with reduced downtime and less work for your mechanic when it comes to installation.

BEKA automated lubrication system kits are not one size fits all

Food & further processing operations

Food & further processing operations

If we receive a request for a kit for a “new excavator,” it can take some time and lots of back and forth before we can deliver the right product. Our kits are not ‘one size fits all.’ “We literally have thousands of combinations,” says Dave McDougall, BEKA’s Product Manager.

“Our autolube kits come with an installation manual and a schematic drawing to help you with the installation. We also have a library of pictures showing how the brackets have been attached, along with why and where we have installed the button in the cab that activates the system,” says McDougall.

All BEKA kits include a pump, pump brackets and a button for the cab. The type of pump you need is based on your machine, attachments and the number of grease points. The length of hose, number of fittings and distribution blocks in a kit varies greatly.

What we need to know

Excavator with hydraulic hammer

Excavator with hydraulic hammer

Consider any attachments as well. For example, do you have just a regular bucket or a bucket with a thumb? A thumb and the type of bucket can change the number of grease points.

We want your installation to go smoothly. Spending a few extra minutes writing a detailed order can save you hours and even days when it comes to installation.

We can deliver the right kit for your equipment when you or your dealer provides us with the following information:

  1. Make
  2. Model
  3. Series year
  4. Attachments
  5. Number of grease points (Include every pin and bushing, anywhere you apply grease and the distance between them.)
  6. Application (If you’ve converted your machine for a specific application, and have a quick-attach system installed, we need to know.)
  7. Climate (Different types of grease may be required if your machine is operating in extreme heat or cold so we can advise you the most appropriate grease in your application.)

Are you stuck?

Call toll free at 1-888-862-7461 between 8:30 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. EST. Or send us an email with pictures and measurements to and we will get back to you the next business day.

No BEKA dealer in your area?

Give us a call. We are available to come out and do the installation on everything from and excavator to a complete manufacturing line.

We’re having a “good news” and “great news” day today.

The good news is: our company, Beka-Lube Products Inc. has been purchased by the manufacturer of BEKA autolube products, Baier + Köppel GmbH + Co. KG of Bavaria, Germany.

Along with our business and operations in Canada, BEKA also purchased the assets and operations of our U.S. division, Beka-Max of America Inc.

From now on, we will be an integral part of BEKA’s international network. This gives us a chance to streamline some of the processes that let us deliver the products and services our customers are looking for.

As North America’s BEKA distributor, we have always enjoyed a great relationship with the factory.
But now, we ARE the factory!

The great news? Nothing else will change for you, our employees or any of our customers and dealers. I will continue to manage our business in Canada and in the United States as Chief Operating Officer. Dave will remain as our Product Manager and will continue to be our technical advisor. Our people in Mississauga, Buffalo and Atlanta will continue to serve you as they have in the past.

You will see a name change in the U.S., as Beka-Max of America Inc. integrates with BekaWorld LP, the global BEKA brand. The President of the new organization will be Sven Pitman, an experienced engineer. In Canada, we’re still Beka-Lube Products Inc.

I’m very excited about our future as part of the BEKA family. Growing this company with my late father has been a rewarding experience. We are known as a major player in automated lubrication all over the continent and in every business sector. It’s very satisfying to know that BEKA also appreciates what we have built here.

Bernhard Köppel, BEKA’s Executive Managing Director, noted we are recognized for building the industry’s best sales, service and support network. We have a fantastic team of capable, dedicated people here – a key reason for BEKA’s interest in purchasing the company. But now we will have direct access to the same resources that has made BEKA a world-class brand.

Bernhard Köppel is the third generation of his family to lead the company since it was founded by his grandfather in 1927. Visit the Baier + Köppel website to learn all about the research and manufacturing facilities behind the BekaWorld brand and the BEKA lineup of autolube products.

We worked hard to achieve this milestone in our industry. From here, things only get better. I’ll be glad to have you along for the ride! If you have any questions or concerns about any changes here, please drop me a line or call me personally at 1.888.862.7461. As always, our door is open!

Showing Up & Showing Off

The trade show season was in full swing this past month. Our globe-trotting crew was on the run right through April. Each show gave us fresh opportunities to meet with customers, dealers and OEMs and – altogether – it appears that it was time well spent. We came away with new insights into what our customers need from their autolube and manual lubrication equipment, we also found new doors opening to welcome Beka-Max products.

Reliable Plant Exhibition

Reliable Plant Exhibition

Montreal is always a great place to visit for Canada’s Heavy Equipment Show, so we were glad to be there supporting our local dealer, Eco-Trak. With their strong connections to equipment customers throughout the region, Eco-Trak’s booth attracted many of the customers and prospects we have been hoping to meet. We arrived well-stocked with demonstrator products and components, so our team was able to show off our solutions effectively and make valuable in-roads for future development.

The ISRI conference in Las Vegas is one of our largest annual events started at the same time as the Reliable Plant Conference & Exhibition in Louisville, Kentucky. At the Reliable Plant Exhibition, we had the chance to catch up with many of our existing industrial clients and met a number of new ones. We were well received as they were keen to learn about our automated and single point lubrication systems for their manufacturing and food processing operations.

reliable plant use it (4)

We are already planning for next year’s event April 25-27th in Columbus, Ohio. As usual, the ISRI show attracted the “who’s who” of the scrap and recycling industries. It was gratifying to see our systems so well represented on machines exhibited by the industry’s top OEMs. Our autolube systems have become standard equipment for the big material handlers that scrap yards rely on, but we were pleased to see that BEKA systems have extended their reach into processing equipment such as Lefort shears and Bano shredders. In those harsh yard environments, the whole scrap business really runs on grease!

l-r: Dave McDougall, Ron Nienaber, Michael Michaud at ISRI

l-r: Dave McDougall, Ron Nienaber, Michael Michaud at ISRI

Although ground transportation to and from the BAUMA exhibition site is always a challenge, the world’s largest machinery extravaganza, every three years, is a must-see event. Our friends at Liebherr, SENNEBOGEN and Caterpillar showcased some of their equipment with BEKA autolube systems in place. More OEMs also had a great display and helped us to spread the word about Beka-Max hammer- and carrier-mounted systems.

Back in Toronto, the Truck World show was very well attended. We met with people from a real cross-section of the trucking industry, from big fleets to owner-operators to manufacturers. Customers had a lot to say about automatic lubrication for their trucks. BEKA systems have been very common for their running gear and drive links for some time now – daily greasing keeps them on the road and earning, and our autolube saves them time every day with the grease actually going where it’s intended and there’s no waste! See how well your 5th wheel works when it receives grease that stays in place and not scraped off when coupling.



Our line of MATO grease guns and refillable systems also received a lot of attention. Many truckers like to take a “hands-on” approach to maintaining their equipment, and they take pride in their tools. With MATO, they get a true professional-grade greasing tool, with several models to suit their personal preferences. In larger shops, the refillable MATO grease tubes are also starting to catch on as a more economical and environmentally sound way to supply their service bays.

Next up: The AWEA Windpower Show in New Orleans. It’s a great show for us, because running smooth is such an important part of efficient power generation. “The Big Easy” really knows how to put on an event, too, so we’re looking forward to seeing you all there! Until next month…

Breaking ground with BEKA HAMAX 2

According to Dave McDougall, Product Manager for Beka-Max of America, operating without adequate lubrication will quickly damage a breaker. “These attachments operate in the most demanding environments. If you are manually lubricating a breaker, it requires frequent stops, operator time and lost productivity, if you are doing it at all”.

That’s why getting an automatic lubrication system for breakers is ideal to help:

Close up of BEKA HAMAX 2 installed in breaker.

Close up of BEKA HAMAX 2 installed in breaker.

  • Reduce your maintenance costs and unscheduled downtime
  • Protect your equipment from abrasion, corrosion and metal-on-metal damage
  • Increase your productivity
  • Minimize the time and costs associated with manual greasing

To simplify everything, McDougall recommends the Beka-Max hydraulic lubrication system that mounts directly on the breaker to provide continuous automatic lubrication during operation.

In describing it, McDougall says, “We call it the BEKA HAMAX 2. Our customers call it peace of mind!”

The tool-mounted HAMAX 2 lubrication system will bolt securely onto any type of medium to large breaker. Actuated by a powerful hydraulic motor, the adjustable feed-rate pump supplies lubricant to the breaker as soon as the breaker is activated.

“We supply a number of OEMs for installation at the factory level but in many instances, rental stores and municipalities will order it without the lubrication system and call us to install after the fact,” says McDougall. They know that this will protect their investment by ensuring the hammer is being lubricated while in operation. Every time the hammer is energized, the HAMAX 2 provides grease until the hammer is stopped (or chisel paste – see previous blog post on this product) to keep the tool cool, lubricated and operating efficiently. The HAMAX 2 is also fantastic for contractors. The lubrication system becomes part of the breaker unit, so it doesn’t need to be separately attached or disconnected from the carrier. With the HAMAX 2 on the breaker, contractors can quickly and easily switch between attachments, increasing their productivity.

iStock_000008534615LargeThe Compact version includes the same heavy-duty design and components, but on a smaller scale. The HAMAX 2 Compact unit can fit on even the smaller breakers, those designed for backhoes and mini-excavators.

Our customers use the BEKA HAMAX 2 and BEKA HAMAX 2 Compact lubrication systems for any applications that you would normally use a breaker including infrastructure applications, demolition and in quarries. Both systems are all built to the same exacting standards of all Beka-Max products. Their streamlined but heavy-duty design makes these systems extremely reliable and dependable in all work environments.

McDougall advises that if you need a carrier-mounted lubrication system for your breaker and your excavator, Beka-Max can install their dependable BEKA MAX SYSTEM with the right-sized reservoir from 4.4 to 35.3 lb. (2 to 16 kg) on any unit in your fleet.

Give us a call at 1-888-862-7461 or send an email to and one of our product specialists will help you choose the right system for your operation.

Getting ready for spring. Here’s your checklist to make sure that your automated lubrication system is ready for the coming season.

Spring cleaning and grease go together like zerks and fittings. Well, maybe not, but they should. The start of a new season is a good time for a thorough maintenance routine.

In colder climates, some machines might not have been moved since the fall. Before starting them up again, it’s important to take a closer look at the auto-lube systems to avoid any consequential failures to your equipment.

The MATO grease gun is the perfect tool for manually testing your distributors. It’s shown here with a pressure gauge, high pressure hose and refillable grease tubes. Part # K-BLOCKTESTER

The MATO grease gun is the perfect tool for manually testing your distributors. It’s shown here with a pressure gauge, high pressure hose and refillable grease tubes.

  Conduct a visual inspection – Take a closer look at your auto-lube systems. Look for cracked or damaged lines, missing connections or lines that are not filled with grease. (By the way, give us a call at 1-888-862-7461 or click on the link here and send us an email for any parts you might need for repairs, including hoses and compression fittings. We have complete kits ready to go.)

  Perform manual checks of all distributors – The best way to test the blocks is with a manual grease gun. If the machine has been sitting idle throughout the winter, you’ll want to ensure that the grease is flowing freely in your system to all of the lubrication points. The pressure from a manual grease gun helps ensure the system is functioning smoothly.


  1. Disconnect the hose that runs from the pump to the main distributor block.
  2. Attach a manual grease gun.
  3. Manually lubricate the whole block.
  4. Then do a visual inspection to look for fresh grease at all of the bearing points.
  5. This should be repeated at all distributor blocks.
Beka service technicians use this glycerin filled pressure gauge and a high pressure hose to test the pump elements in auto-lube systems. This professional-grade gauge works on any type of machine. Part # K-PETESTGAUGE

Beka service technicians use this glycerin filled pressure gauge and a high pressure hose to test the pump elements in auto-lube systems. This professional-grade gauge works on any type of machine. Part # K-PETESTGAUGE

  Check grease types – If your business is in a cold climate, you might have switched to an arctic grease for the winter. To get ready for spring, we recommend switching to a compatible EP2 grease. Please make sure you’re using compatible greases. Failing to do this could cause your auto-lube system to not function properly.

  Perform a pressure check – To ensure that the pump element is functioning properly, you should connect a glycerin filled gauge directly to the element. Need a gauge? We have kits ready to ship. Please contact your Beka-Max dealer or you can order one online from us.

  Top up the reservoir – Once you have completed a visual inspection of the pump body and reservoir checking for any cracks or loose connections, top it up with the right grease and you’re ready for another productive season.

If you follow these steps, unscheduled downtime due to machinery lubrication will be eliminated. See you next month.

Old friends & new friends at AED

I’m glad to report a successful trip to the annual AED (Associated Equipment Distributors) Show and Conference. It’s always great to re-connect with some of the people who deliver and support our products in the field. Allow me to pass along a shout-out to our dealer and OE partners, who used some of their time at the show to share around our product literature – our “force multipliers” in the crowd! We also made friends with several new dealers who “get” what we are trying to do with quality products and quality support in aftermarket lubrication. We were surprised, and pleased, by the level of interest we attracted from the OE sector this year. We’ll have our work cut out to follow up and turn these opportunities into a growing presence in the US for BEKA and MATO products.

Here’s my take…

AED is always a rewarding experience for us, but I can’t help feeling that the show is missing out on some of its potential. From my vantage point, I see much of the event’s activity taking place away from the show floor, with some of the “majors” staging their own events in private suites. When these high-profile names aren’t participating on the exhibition floor, attendees are conflicted about where to spend their time. I believe that the overall show suffers. Many of the newest and freshest product and service ideas come from the smaller exhibitors, but they often get overlooked if the major players aren’t there to help draw traffic back to the floor. I hope the organizers can find a way to re-energize the exhibition as the primary focus for bringing innovations to the industry.

Rolling into 2016

Industry analysts are predicting renewed strength in the construction industry, which should be good news for equipment buyers and sellers. While 2015 finished with a down month, it was still the industry’s best year for housing starts since 2007. The chief economist for the National Association of Home Builders, David Crowe, tells us that January forecasts are still “right in line” for continued growth. Dealers we talked to are still in a “wait & see” mode, but the promise of infrastructure spending gives us reason to be hopeful for good days ahead. We’ll all be glad to see the US election cycle completed, so we can put politics behind us and get back to business!