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BEKAWORLD keeps operations running smoothly in any industry


Whether you work in transportation, construction, forestry, food processing, manufacturing wind power or other industry, you can’t afford to stop. Margins are tighter than ever, and unscheduled downtime can cut into profits and productivity.

When it comes to keeping machinery working, grease is the word. Autolube systems are the ideal way to apply lubricants, and help:

  • Reduce your maintenance costs and unscheduled downtime
  • Protect your equipment from abrasion, corrosion and metal-on-metal damage
  • Increase your productivity
  •  Minimize the time and costs associated with manual greasing

At BEKAWORLD, we have specialized in autolube systems since 1927. During that time, we’ve developed the products, expertise and insight needed to cut maintenance costs and maximize uptime in a wide variety of applications.

Construction – BEKA-MAX Vehicle Lubrication takes care of the entire fleet with autolube systems for all makes and models of heavy equipment. Plus, BEKA HAMAX supplies specialized, lubrication systems and copper-based chisel-paste for use with breaker attachments.

Industrial Applications – BEKA INDUSTRY Lubrication has cost-saving insights into the needs of any heavy equipment or process application. BEKA manufactures and installs single-, dual-, multi-line and progressive systems that deliver continuous lubrication to hundreds of service points automatically, over short and long runs. By reducing or eliminating the need for manual greasing, you’ll save money on labor, increase safety and uptime.

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Transportation – Whether you’re an owner/operator or a fleet manager, an automatic lubrication system will allow you to go further. BEKA-MAX Vehicle Lubrication offers specialized solutions for all makes and models of trucks. BEKA FLUILUB provides lubricant spray systems for wheel flanges and rail heads on rail cars, rail cranes and locomotives.

Wind Power – BEKAWIND manufactures and installs central autolube systems for all of your UPTOWER lubrication requirements to help keep your wind turbine operating reliably for years.

Forestry – From the forest to the mill to the lumber yard, BEKAWOOD has the industry-specific knowledge to create an autolube system to fit any forestry process or processing equipment used in every step from the forest to the lumber store. Autolube also means increased safety for maintenance crews who can stay clear of the danger zone.

Food Processing – Food packaging safety is greatly increased with our waterless lubrication system from BEKA FOODLINE. Our unique expertise and products will help keep processing, conveying and packaging equipment running smoothly.

Service Professionals – Because there will always be a need for manual grease guns, BEKAWORLD offers MATO professional-grade Lube-Shuttle® grease guns that are clean, efficient and easy to use.

So, regardless of your industry application we have the experience and knowledge to maximize your uptime. If you have any lubrication questions, please contact us today!