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Automatic Central Lubrication System for Wind Converters

The progressive lubrication system BEKAWIND PRO was developed especially for operation in wind converters. It can be used for the lubrication of all kinds of bearings including main bearings, blade bearings and yaw bearings.

System Design

The drawing shows a BEKAWIND PRO central lubrication for 3 blade bearings with each 6 lube points. The automatic lubrication system consists of:

  • An electric piston pump EP-1R
  • A main distributor which is monitored by a proximity switch
  • 3 progressive distributors with 6 outlets
  • Necessary fittings

The automatic lubrication system is controlled by the central controller of the wind converter. The lubricating pump is operated as long as the main distributor has passed the necessary number of cycles. The number of cycles and the monitoring of the distributor is made by a proximity switch which is integrated at the main distributor.

The device is protected by a pressure relief valve with return flow to the reservoir. The lubricant level in the reservoir is monitored by a level switch.

As an option, the distributors can be equipped with blocking control to ensure the function of the lubrication system even if a lube point is blocked.

Electric Piston Pump EP-1R

The electric piston pump EP-1R was designed especially for the operation in wind converters.

Caused by follower piston in the reservoir, the pump can be installed in each position. If the pump is installed in rotating parts like the rotor, the follower piston should be supported by the centrifugal force.

The pump element with desmodromic drive and the agitator in the reservoir guarantee an ideal suction performance even under difficult circumstances.

Technical Data

Reservoir Capacity
4 / 8 / 20 kg
Maximum Operating Pressure
280 bar
Pressure Connection
6 mm
Grease up to NLGI cl. 2
Delivery Rate
120 mm3/rev.
Position of Installation
Operating Temperature
-20°C to +60°C
Level Switch
Change-over Contact
Switching Current
1A – 60A
12V DC, 24V DC, 115V AC, and 230V AC

Progressive Distributor MX-F

The progressive distributors from the MX-F series are designed in a modular kind. The distributor can be adapted easily according to the requirements like number of lube points or delivery rate. Each distributor consists of an initial element (without piston), 2 to 11 middle elements and an end element (each with piston).

The delivery rate of each distributor disk is determined by the diameter of the piston.

Each MX-F distributor needs at least 3 middle elements for correct function. Each middle element has 2 outlets, which can also be connected or closed.

Technical Data

Maximum Operating Pressure
300 bar
Temperature Range
-35°C to +70°C
Grease up to NLGI 2

Monitoring of the Distributor

Progressive distributors have a hydraulic sequence control. The pistons of the distributor are regulated by the incoming lubricant in an inevitable and consecutive way.

If there is a disturbance in the flow, e.g. if a lube point or a line is choked, the whole distributor stops working. The pressure relief valve leads the lubricant back to the reservoir.

For the monitoring of the whole system or for the cycle control, the distributors can be equipped with a proximity switch.

Proximity Switch Technical Data

M12x1 plug-in
PNP NO Contact
Load Capacity
200 mA
10-60 V DC
Operating Temperature
-40°C to +85°C
Function Indicator
LED yellow
Housing Material
Special Steel
Protective System
IP 67

Safety with Blocking Control

BEKAWIND progressive distributors can be equipped optionally with blocking control.

If a lube point is blocked, a progressive distributor without blocking control stops working because of its sequential control.

The blocking control indicates the malfunction optically and allows the distributor to continue working.