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Spray Lubrication System

The spray lubrication system BEKAWIND FLOW was developed especially for operation in wind converters. The advantages of BEKAWIND FLOW:

  • Precise apply of the lubricant
  • Lubricant supply between the gear wheels even during intermeshing and standstill
  • Only the friction points are lubricated
  • No need for blade or yaw movements for lubricating
  • Very low lubricant consumption
  • No over-lubrication and therefore no pollution
  • Exact monitoring of the lubricant use

BEKAWIND FLOW can be used for the automatic lubrication of all open toothings and friction points of wind converters.  

The Problem

Lubricant apply with lubricating pinion:

  • Overlubrication
  • Lubricant drains off without use
  • No sufficient lubrication in case of low relative motions

The BEKAWIND Solution

The innovative spray lubrication system:

  • Tried-and-tested technology
  • Precise and saving lubricant apply
  • Lubricant is sprayed between the tooth faces – even during intermeshing

Comparison of the BEKAWIND Lubrication Systems

Competitor 1
Competitor 2
Yaw Drive
Spray Lubrication System

– no lubricating pinion
– no need for lubricant collector
Progressive system with lubricating pinion and lubricant collector
Progressive system with lubricating pinion
Main Bearing, Generator Bearing & Blade Bearing
Progressive System

– Lubrication pump with push-pull pump elements
– Optional blocking control
Progressive system

Lubrication pump with return spring
(pump elements)

Progressive system

Lubrication pump with return spring
(pump elements)

Pitch Drive
Spray Lubrication System

– possible
Lubricating pinion with lubricant collector
Lubricating pinion

BEKAWIND FLOW Spray Lubrication System

The BEKAWIND FLOW spray lubrication system divides very small lubricant quantities with the help of compressed air, distributes the oil/air mixture with special mixing distributors and sprays it directly onto the friction point. With this procedure it is possible to apply the lubricant even during the intermeshing and standstill of gear rims. This leads to a considerable reduction of wear and tear by micro movements, stick slip and tribo corrosion. By the use of smallest possible lubricant quantities, each kind of pollution of the surrounding of the lube point is avoided. There is no need for any wipers or disposing devices.

Spray Lubrication

The drawing shows a BEKAWIND FLOW spray lubrication system for the lubrication of yaw drive and pitch drive.

The system consists of a compressor unit (compressor, pressure vessel, controller), pneumatic pump, 2/2 way solenoid valve, mixing distributor and spray nozzles.

The compressed air produced by the compressor is stored in a pressure vessel. If required, the pneumatic pump is actuated by the compressed air. The pump generates the spray mixture, which is distributed evenly by the mixing distributors to the connected spray nozzles.

For the lubrication of the pitch gear a rotating duct is necessary. If it is not available and cannot be retrofitted, it is possible to install a rotating compressor unit.

Technical Data

Grease up to NLGI 00
Number of Spray Nozzles
Up to 8
Temperature Range
-20 to +60°C

Compressor Station

The compressor generates compressed air and keeps it in the pressure vessel at the necessary pressure. If the system is activated, e.g. if the motors of the yaw drive start working, compressed air is applied to the pneumatic pump. The pump now produces the oil/air mixture.

The mixture is divided evenly to the different spray nozzles by the mixing distributors. The spray nozzles care for the precise wetting of the friction points.

The lubrication system can be controlled and monitored either by an integrated controller or by the control system of the wind converter.

Technical Data

230 V AC
Output at 5 Bar
38 l/min
Maximum Working / Sec. Pressure
7,5/5,0 bar
Capacity Pressure Vessel
25 l
Adjustment Safety Valve
10 bar

Pneumatic Pump

The pneumatic pump is triggered and actuated by a 3/2 way solenoid valve Y1 with release.

The pneumatic piston is pressed by a spring into the upper position and draws the lubricant into the ring chamber. Caused by the special design, the pump can deliver lubricants with high solids contents.

The compressed air presses the piston down and the lubricant in the ring chamber is delivered to the outlet.

Technical Data

Reservoir Capacity
4 kg
Compressed Air Supply
4 to 10 bar
Grease up to NLGI 00
Delivery Rate
0,1 – 1 cm3/stroke
Operating Temperature
-25 to +70°C
Level Switch
Change-over Contact
Switching Current
1 to 60 A

Mixing Distributor

The lubricant is transported with compressed air along the interior tube walls.

The patented splitting insert of the FluiLube mixing distributor divides the lubricant. A porous insert collects the liquid particles, splits them up to tiny droplets (0, 15 mm or less) and distributes them like a drizzle to the airstream.

This principle guarantees a homogeneous mixing ratio even with several spray nozzles.

Spray Nozzles

The spray nozzles precisely apply the lubricant onto the gear rim without polluting other components. Size and spray form of the spray nozzles depend on the application.