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Central Lubrication for Wind Converters

Wind converters are subject to high mechanical loads. They have to work with absolute reliability. A break down due to lack of lubrication is an avoidable failure. The central lubrication system continuously supplies fresh lubricant to the connected lube points – the right quantity at the right time. That’s why a reliable lubricant supply of a wind converter can only be realized with automatic lubrication systems. BEKAWIND – customized lubrication systems for each type of wind converter.

The design of BEKAWIND central lubrication systems is adapted individually to each wind converter and its operating conditions. All important components like bearings, toothings and adjustment devices are supplied with precisely metered quantities of lubricant at the right time. BEKAWIND central lubrication systems offer highest operational reliability and low lubricant consumption. BEKAWIND central lubrication systems consist of tried-and-tested components which are used in many other industrial areas all over the world. Beka is synonymous with quality with more than 75 years’ experience in the lubrication industry. Application To supply all lubrication points of wind converters including:

  • Blade Bearings
  • Generator Bearings
  • Yaw Bearings
  • Drive Pinions

First Step towards Central Lubrication

Summary of the Lube Points of Each Blade Bearing
The lube points of each blade bearing are collected with a progressive distributor. With this first step towards automatic lubrication no lube point will be forgotten. An optical indicator signals the ending of a lubrication cycle.

Second Step towards Central Lubrication

Summary to One Lube Point
The progressive distributors of the 3 blade bearings are collected to a so-called “single point system”. All lube points are supplied reliably by only one grease nipple. The grease nipple can be installed at a central point of the hub. An optical indicator signalizes the ending of a lubrication cycle.

Example of Application: Blade Bearing with Progressive System
Consisting of progressive distributor, polyamide tubes, grease nipples and lubricant collectors.

Third Step towards Central Lubrication

The Fully-Automatic Central Lubrication
The example shows a progressive system for 3 blade bearings with each 8 lub points.

The system consists of the following components:

  • An electric piston pump EP-1R
  • A progressive main distributor with 10 outlets which is monitored by a proximity switch
  • 2 progressive distributors with each 8 outlets
  • And the necessary fittings

The lubrication system is controlled by the central controller of the wind converter. The lubricating pump is operated as long as the main distributor has passed the necessary number of cycles. The number of cycles and the monitoring of the distributor is made by a proximity switch which is integrated at the main distributor.

The device is protected by a pressure relief valve with return flow to the reservoir. The lubricant level in the reservoir is monitored by a level switch.

As an option, the distributors can be equipped with blocking control to ensure the function of the lubrication system even if a lube point is blocked.

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