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Automatic Lubricating System for Demolition Excavators


  • Large reservoir for very long operating times without refilling
  • Particularly economical operation: Grease from large containers
  • Optional lubricant level monitoring for highest security
  • Tried-and-tested technology with desmodromic pump elements
  • Also with hydraulic drive


  • BEKA HAMAX EP consists of a grease pump with reservoir (capacity 2 – 16 kg) up to 3 pump elements PE-120 or PE-170 (fixed or variable).
  • To protect the pump against vibrations, it is installed directly at the excavator.
  • The lube point at the tool is connected to the pump by a high-pressure coupling and a high pressure hose.
  • As soon as the hammer is activated, the pump supplies the lube point with chisel paste.
  • The output is regulated by an adjustable pump element.

BEKA HAMAX Special Feature
Desmodromic activation of the pump elements for highest operational reliability in a wide temperature range from -35 up to +80° C.

Electronic Control
The electronic control unit in the SEP-8 monitors the lubricant level in the reservoir. If the level is too low, the pump is switched off and a fault message is generated.

A start release relay can be integrated optionally: With start release relay it is not possible to start the machine if the reservoir is empty.

A very important feature especially for rental machines.

Technical Data
Operating Temperature -15°C to +80°C
Maximum Outlets 3
Maximum Output Per Outlet 0,12 cm³/Hub
Position of Installation Vertical
Drive Hydraulic motor with Worm Gear Speed Reduction Ratio 150:1
Consumption min. 6 l/min, max. 17,2 l/min (= 1400 – 4000 min-1)
Input Pressure min 30 bar, max. 210 bar
Lubricant Copper Chisel Paste and all other kinds of grease