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The Heavy Duty Breaker Lubrication System for Applications with High and Continuous Lubricant Requirements


  • Hydraulically operated automatic lubrication system
  • Installation directly at the hydraulic breaker equals the ideal solution for the use with different carrier machines
  • Suitable for special lubricants like copper chisel lubricant
  • Continuous automatic lubrication of the breaker during operation
  • Suitable for hydraulic systems without pressure relief
  • Actuated by a powerful hydro motor and not by a progressive distribution system
  • Output as required
  • Heavy duty design – most reliable system
  • No complicated and trouble-prone components

Very Economic Operation

  • BEKA HAMAX 2 can be operated with three common cartridges.
  • Chisel Paste/Grease
  • No need for expensive manufacturer-specific products therefore lower operating costs and higher availability.

The pump is installed directly at the hydraulic breaker. This means: No need for long lines.

The hydraulic breaker with lubrication system can be used with each excavator. Modifications of the excavator are not necessary! The pump is actuated by a hydraulic motor which is connected to the hydraulic system of the excavator.

As soon as the hydraulic breaker is activated, the pump works and supplies lubricant to the breaker. The feed rate is adjustable as required.