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Automatic Lubrication Systems for the Waste, Scrap and Recycling Industries

BEKAWORLD LP automatic lubrication systems are ideal for use in the waste, recycling, scrap and landfill operations. At BEKAWORLD LP, formerly known as Beka-Max of America Inc., we provide systems for a host of vehicle types – from garbage trucks to tractors, and more – and many waste equipment applications. Our systems are intended for hauling, material transfer, loading, compacting and much more.

BEKAWORLD LP lubrication systems are designed to withstand the harsh conditions these industries. We tailor each job to our customers’ needs, so different pump configurations are offered based on particular cycle times, objectives, budgets, and goals. We also offer various monitoring options, which allow the operator to focus on the specific job they are performing.

We recommend lithium based EP-2 lubricant with our systems.

Finally, quality installations ensure that all necessary lube points are lubricated to machine manufacturer specifications. Installation of our systems can be done by an authorized BEKA dealer.

To learn more about this industry application, or to learn more about our products and services, please contact BEKAWORLD.

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