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Central Lubrication System for the Sawmill Industry

BEKAWORLD LP, formerly known as Beka-Max of America Inc., supplies the finest lubrication systems for sawmills and other processing and handling equipment used in lumber mills and forestry operations.

The mere number of service points throughout a mill yard can be daunting, ranging up to 2,000 for a typical sawmill or oriented strand board (OSB) plant! Along with the saws and other cutting equipment, greasing is especially required for carriers, sorting machines and transport chains.

Mobile equipment that manages operations at the wood yard and loads the feed deck is a significant part of the regular servicing process. A bearing failure on any one machine may result in an unscheduled stoppage in production.

With automatic lubrication solutions developed over generations, BEKAWORLD solves accessibility and safety issues for equipment maintenance crews, while dramatically reducing service downtime on a daily basis. In fact, auto-lube products from BEKAWORLD can essentially increase the production capacity of the mill without the expense of a facility expansion.

For more insight into how auto lubrication benefits forestry and mill operations, please download our expert whitepaper, “Automatic Lubrication: Your Best Defense Against Downtime” or contact us and we will be pleased to answer your questions.

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