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Central Lubrication System for the Biomass Industry

BEKAWORLD LP, formerly known as Beka-Max of America Inc., provides the ultimate in automatic lubrication solutions for the various equipment types working in treacherous biomass processing applications.

Developed over many generations, today’s autolube systems not only provide continuous lubrication of the equipment, but also a consistent watch on the status of the machinery’s service points. Monitors and alarms are built into the lubrication circuits at every distribution block and grease nipple, in turn alerting maintenance staff immediately if any part of the machine is not getting the lubrication service it requires.

To upgrade a biomass operation to automatic lubrication, grease circuits are designed to reach each zerk, conduit is installed, and then all fittings are connected. The “progressive” circuits from BEKAWORLD also include a number of distribution blocks, which individually control the flow of lubricant to the branch circuits they feed. A lubrication pump supplies all lines in the circuit.

Biomass operations requiring reliable, consistent production to achieve profitability rely on BEKAWORLD auto-lube systems to significantly decrease unscheduled equipment downtime.

For insight into how auto lubrication can benefit your sawmill or biomass operation download our expert whitepaper, “Automatic Lubrication: Your Best Defense Against Downtime” or contact us and we will be pleased to answer your questions.

Biomass Industry Details

Machine Types
Briquetters Brush Cutters Chippers Clamshell Buckets Conveyor Systems Excavators Hammermills
Horizontal Grinders Material Handlers Shredders Tub Grinders Wheel Loaders Many More
Biomass Equipment Applications
Agricultural Waste Handling Briquetting Chipping Compaction Construction Debris Processing
Crop Recycling Forest Residue Processing Material Handling/Loading/Hauling Municipal Solid Waste Processing Screening

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