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Your Autolube Deserves A Little TLC!

Snow ClearingHold on now! You’re not done here yet!

 That was a smart move, installing one of BEKA’s autolube systems. But just because your lube servicing now runs “automatically” doesn’t mean you can simply “set it and forget it.”

You don’t have to worry about reaching and servicing all those grease points anymore but your autolube system should still be part of your daily walkaround. You look after your BEKA system and it will look after you!

Daily fill checks

 Just as you inspect your brakes and hydraulic lines and electrical system every day, your autolube system deserves a daily inspection, too. Your autolube doesn’t take a lot of time or care but it does need your attention.

The first thing to look for is the fill level in the pump’s grease reservoir. Of course, you have to be sure it has enough grease to continue supplying the lines and serving your lube points. By checking daily, you’ll also notice any alerts that may indicate a problem elsewhere in the system.

**Remember: when you refill the reservoir, use only a grease that’s compatible with the one you already have in the lines. Mixing different chemistries, such as moly vs lithium, can create costly problems throughout your equipment!

 If you find you are refilling the reservoir frequently, you can look into extending the refill intervals by swapping in a larger reservoir. We have several sizes available for many of the pumps.

Inspect lines & fittings

 A routine inspection brings your focus to most of the areas on your equipment that are being serviced by the autolube. Take a moment to check on the condition of the grease lines and fittings. Look for signs of leaking grease, including telltale spots on the ground.

Depending on how you spec’d your autolube, you may also have help from our optional alarms and sensors that will indicate low fill levels or a blockage in the grease lines. The alert indicators may be right on the housing of the pumps or they might be transmitted to a remote display in the cab or in your shop.

We make it easy!

 You’ll be glad to know that choosing BEKA makes your autolube maintenance even easier. Most lube pumps rely on spring drives that are subject to contamination from the grease elements inside. BEKA’s springless design, using an eccentric gear drive, saves you the time and expense of replacing pump elements which rely on springs for reloading the grease. BEKA’s cast aluminum base also provides better resistance to impact, vibration and harsh weather. You won’t find the corrosion that can compromise pumps with other metal housings nor the cracks that can appear in plastic bases.

It’s really that easy. We build our systems to make life easier for you. Just show your autolube that you care once a day and it will keep you running smooth for years to come.