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Finally, Spring has sprung – it’s a sure sign when we see the pot-holes blossoming all over our highways and bi-ways across the country.

It’s overtime season for all you road-maintenance contractors, with miles and miles of asphalt to repair. Meantime, we’ve also seen a significant up-tick in infrastructure budgets, which means lots of new road construction and bridge repair work to do.

There’s no time to lose, and that’s why I want to be sure you’re up-to-speed on our HAMAX line of lube systems for hydraulic breakers.

It’s hard to compare the wear and tear on breaker points to any other piece of equipment. What else is built to be smashed into the pavement up to 1,000 times per minute, at forces up to 12,000 ft/lbs?

Stresses like that create an equivalent amount of friction and heat. Effective lubrication is crucial to the performance and life of your hammer tool. Breakers can be lubricated manually, of course, but the cost in downtime is enormous when there’s lots of work to be done. Automatic lubrication is the only way for your breaker to keep cool and keep producing.

Whether your breaker is mounted to a skid steer to do spot repairs on pot-holes, or fitted to a big excavator to bust up rock walls in a quarry, there’s a HAMAX autolube solution built just right for you.

Our line-up includes autolube pumps that mount right on the breaker tool, plus a compact HAMAX that connects to the hydraulic system of your skid steer or a compact wheel loader. Our HPG 2 breaker pump is even designed to operate as part of the same central lubrication system that serves all the lube points in the rest of your machine.

Naturally, every one of our models is designed to handle copper-based chisel pastes which is the best protection you can choose for your breaker. Backed by BEKA technology ensures easy starts and a dependable flow in all climates and working conditions. Output rates are adjustable to match the amount and frequency of grease dosing to the specific needs of your application. For more information on our lubrication systems for breakers, download the Breaker Specification Catalog.

Make the most of this busy season. Upgrade your equipment to run smoother and run longer – with less downtime – with HAMAX autolube for your breaker. Contact us or your BEKAWORLD dealer and get started. Don’t let unscheduled downtime be the hold-up for smooth sailing down the road!

Encore! Encore! A Great Show at ConExpo!

ConExpo is now behind us for another three years, but what a terrific 5 days it has been!

I have to admit that I was feeling a little nervous about our big move having been switched from the South Hall (where we had been for 20 years!) to the Gold Hall. Now we know: it was a good move.

Despite the long walk from where we were to our new location, our “people” came with us. We were very pleased with our exhibits this year, and so were the attendees. The crush of visitors on both Tuesday and Wednesday turned into a steady stream through the rest of the show. The Gold Hall put us in the right place for our many customers on the construction side of the industry, and we were able to show the wide range of the solutions we can offer for heavy mobile equipment and hydraulic breakers.

Sven, Dave and I were pleased to host our special guests from overseas, Klaus Braun and Marcus “Mr. Q” Quenzler. They represented our technical teams from the BEKA factory in Germany and Luigi Lucci, General Manager, from the BEKAWORLD network in Italy. Their presence ensured a productive welcome for some of our European equipment manufacturers as well as their service teams here in North America.

We felt a real surge of interest in BEKA technology, with many visitors interested in alternatives to their traditional lube systems. Since our last appearance at ConExpo, we have made a concerted effort to get the BEKA message out to the industry with, it would seem, some significant success. In the meantime, word has been spreading over these three years about BEKA’s growing position as the autolube supplier being specified for some of the top OEMs. We met many more equipment owners who tracked us down to learn more about the BEKA systems they are finding in their new machines. We also connected with several companies who are interested in being the BEKA dealer in their region.

We did a fair bit of walking ourselves, of course, to catch up with old friends at the ConAGG side of the show and make some new connections in the crane industry – an area we expect to become increasingly busy in BEKAWORLD’s future.

If you were unable to make it to ConExpo and are looking for that auto lubrication system, give us a call at 1-888-862-7461 or send us an email with your lubrication questions. We can help.

From the looks of our entries drum, our contest for free trips to Bavaria during Oktoberfest 2017 was a very popular attraction, too! We have not counted the entries or made our prize draws yet, but we’ll be announcing the three winners soon!

Stay tuned!

Jacquie McDougall, Chief Operating Officer


A wise man once said (or was it a wise woman?), that “80% of everything is showing up.” And that’s my advice to you when you’re planning your visit to ConExpo!

BEKAWORLD has really pulled out all the stops with our ConExpo exhibit this year. We’ll make sure it’s worth your while to “show up” and say hello to us at Booth #G72213 in the Gold Hall. You can’t miss us, we are right in the center of the hall. Look for our big overhead BEKA Lubrication sign.

Of course, this is your chance to catch up with our latest autolube progressive and single line system pumps including the EP-1, OC-1, GIGA and PICO models and our HAMAX line-up for heavy-duty hydraulic hammers and attachments.

Along with the actual demonstration units we have on display, we are also showing off the underlying technology that makes BEKA products the best built, most precise lubrication components in the world. (Did you know that BEKA manufactures all of these components in-house? We don’t leave our quality in the hands of anyone else!)

Now is also the time bring us your lubrication questions for definitive answers from the industry’s leading experts. Come in to meet Sven Pitman, the President BEKAWORLD USA, in person. With his experience with BEKA both in Germany and in America, Sven offers all kinds of insight into the inner workings of BEKAWORLD worldwide. And many of you already know our Product Manager, Dave McDougall. The factory is also sending two key individuals to answer your lubrication questions. Stop by and meet Klaus Braun, Product Manager and Marcus Quenzler Team Leader Engineering, Commercial Vehicles. They will be on hand, at our booth, throughout the show. However, if you want to make an appointment to meet at a specific time, send us an email to and let me know who you want to discuss your lubrication issues with and the time that works for you.

Even if you don’t have an urgent question for Sven, Dave, Marcus or Klaus, you’ll want to visit us just to enter our ConExpo prize draw! At the end of the show, we’ll be giving away three all-expenses-paid trips to Germany for two. The winners will be our guests to see the BEKA factory, tour beautiful Bavaria and to experience Oktoberfest firsthand while sampling its amazing food and libations!

There’s only one way to enter this draw. You don’t have to buy anything, but you DO have to show up at the booth to enter. See you there!!!

Jacquie McDougall, Chief Operating Officer


Here we are in Chicago – my kind of town in any season – and looking forward to meeting new dealers and to renewing many old friendships at this year’s Associated Equipment Distributors’ Summit conference.

In spite of the warm reception we can always expect from our host, the Hyatt Regency, much of the talk around the hotel will be about equipment working in freezing winter conditions and the cold snap that is threatening to halt construction projects across the Midwest and the Northeast (New England area got 17” of snow this past weekend).

Of course, machinery feels the cold as badly as we do. Everyone has concerns about whether their equipment and vehicles will get up and running in those dark winter mornings.

Grease gets heavier and harder to move when temperatures drop, but thanks to BEKA’s eccentric gear drive and proper grease for the temperature, our pumps make sure that once your equipment starts, it will run safely. Many lube pumps rely on a spring-driven mechanism to actuate the pistons that drive grease through the circuit. But springs are notoriously vulnerable to extreme weather, hot or cold! With BEKA’s eccentric gear drive, the pump doesn’t rely on the resilience of its metal to move cold grease. Rotating on a direct connection to the pump motor, the solid gear operates consistently, at the same speed and power, regardless of temperatures.

This time of year, it’s good to know that your autolube is good to go even when the temperatures drop to -13° F (-25° C)!

It gives us a warm feeling all over to know that you have one less thing to worry about when they’re planning their work this winter.

If you want to ensure that your equipment will run smoothly and without interruption this winter, give us a call at 1-888-862-7461 or send an email to We will introduce you to your BEKAWORLD dealer who will ensure that you will be up and running all year long. After all, we measure our success by your up-time!

Jacquie McDougall, Chief Operating Officer


We were very pleased and proud to learn that our advertising agency, a long-time ally in our growth as a company, was selected recently as a finalist for the Business Integrity Award from the regional Better Business Bureau.

iss_4379_00382Imagine that, “Integrity” and “Advertising” in the same breath!

In this case, however, I’m not a bit surprised – I know that the recognition is well deserved. I recall a column on “Truth in Advertising” that the owner and founder of the agency, Robert, wrote for a major business publication. In it, he explained how basic integrity must be at the root of any lasting business success. “Outrageous promises and unsupported claims will always attract attention, and maybe even make a sale,” he wrote. “For the long term, though, you rely on repeat business and referrals… anything that smacks of dishonest advertising will be called to account, loud and clear.”

The value of integrity goes beyond advertising alone, of course. Robert’s firm has always provided us with honest, transparent guidance, which has led us to a close, lasting business partnership built on trust.

And that’s the way we believe all business ought to be conducted. We know it works. I have watched, first-hand, as our BEKA Lubrication “brand” grew to nationwide leadership. Along with our success and profitability, we earned the trust and friendship of manufacturers, dealers, suppliers and customers everywhere. The creators of BEKA products, Baier + Köppel, also recognized the strength of our brand values in America. And that became a major factor when the factory negotiated the recent acquisition of our business.

There have been times when it may have been easier for us to over-promise to our dealers, or resort to questionable marketing tactics, or to walk away from a customer’s problem… but that doesn’t build strong companies.

One of the first lessons of business we learned in our formative years is that ethical (and respectful) business practices are the only path to take for long term success. Since we opened up our BEKA Lubrication offices in North America in 1994, we’ve tried to practice what we preach, and we encourage all the stakeholders in our industry to stay to the high ground at every turn.

Jacquie McDougall, Chief Operating Officer


ing_37831_12262As the Thanksgiving Season has passed in Canada and approaches quickly in America, many of us are turning our thoughts to preparations for Winter.

This is an especially busy season for those of you who are in the business of handling Winter snow. It’s time to get all that equipment prepared to start hitting the roads and moving loads. Snow plows, graders, wheel loaders, dump trucks and salters will soon be heading into the shops for annual maintenance and tune-ups.

So, while you’re at it, why not take this time to make the rest of your season easier? 

No matter what type or size of snow equipment you operate, it relies on consistent lubrication to be in top running condition when the snow flies. And, since you’re in the shop anyway, right now is a great opportunity to install a lubrication solution that removes daily servicing from your morning (or late night) checklist.

The right solution for you could be as simple as a compact or single-point pump placed where you need it most. Or it could be a complete progressive system that keeps every service point on your machine and attachments consistently lubricated automatically. Or it could be anything in between. Call any BEKA dealer or send us an email at and learn about the many options available to you.

Every BEKA lubrication system is engineered to pump grease effectively through the coldest days and nights. So you’ll sleep well knowing that, when the call comes to move snow, your equipment will be ready to run smooth, and run longer.


minexpo2016We are heading back to Las Vegas to close out September and to take part in the big event of this Fall’s show season. MINExpo (September 26 – 28) only comes along once in four years, so you can always count on a huge extravaganza with a great turnout.

Technology And Solutions” is the theme of the show, so BEKAWORLD will be right at home here. We will be highlighting a very wide range of solutions for mining applications. Mines are so reliant on good preventative maintenance, it’s one of those industries that truly “runs on grease!” We’re proud that BEKA can offer solutions for every part of their process.

  • Mobile equipment including haul trucks, excavators, loaders and underground vehicles
  • Production machinery such as grinders, crushers and screening plants
  • Transfer systems from conveyors to hoists

Side-by-side with mining’s vigilant approach to maintenance is the industry’s constant focus on improving safety. BEKA has a role to play here, as well. Whether our progressive lubrication circuits are operated manually by a technician or automatically by pump, they help to keep people out of harm’s way while ensuring consistent service to equipment that, very often, never shuts down.

Sometimes, we’ve learned, a simple solution can have the greatest effect. While the timing might not be right to service a machine through one of our multi-line automated systems, one of our new compact PICO pumps in the right place, or BEKAONE, our single grease point package, can eliminate a significant safety risk from the daily service routine.

BEKA systems are also renowned for running clean, too! Safety officers will see the difference in BEKA’s end-to-end process solutions or in a single out-of-the-way pump: there’s no grease spills to create a slip hazard on machine decks or production floors.

What’s new in BEKAWORLD?

If you follow this blog at all, or you’re on our email list, you have read about how our organization has changed and we are now part of the global network. We’re excited by the even closer relationship we now have with the BEKA factory – “we ARE the factory!” – and our direct access to BEKA’s excellent engineering and product support people.

Do you have any questions about these changes?

Come and see us at MINExpo, or any one of the shows on our Fall calendar, and we’ll be glad to fill you in.

See you then,

Jacquie McDougall, Chief Operating Officer
Beka-Lube Products Inc. / BEKAWORLD LP
2830 Argentia Road, Unit 9
Mississauga, ON L5N 8G4
Tel: 1-888-862-7461

BEKAWORLD keeps operations running smoothly in any industry


Whether you work in transportation, construction, forestry, food processing, manufacturing wind power or other industry, you can’t afford to stop. Margins are tighter than ever, and unscheduled downtime can cut into profits and productivity.

When it comes to keeping machinery working, grease is the word. Autolube systems are the ideal way to apply lubricants, and help:

  • Reduce your maintenance costs and unscheduled downtime
  • Protect your equipment from abrasion, corrosion and metal-on-metal damage
  • Increase your productivity
  •  Minimize the time and costs associated with manual greasing

At BEKAWORLD, we have specialized in autolube systems since 1927. During that time, we’ve developed the products, expertise and insight needed to cut maintenance costs and maximize uptime in a wide variety of applications.

Construction – BEKA-MAX Vehicle Lubrication takes care of the entire fleet with autolube systems for all makes and models of heavy equipment. Plus, BEKA HAMAX supplies specialized, lubrication systems and copper-based chisel-paste for use with breaker attachments.

Industrial Applications – BEKA INDUSTRY Lubrication has cost-saving insights into the needs of any heavy equipment or process application. BEKA manufactures and installs single-, dual-, multi-line and progressive systems that deliver continuous lubrication to hundreds of service points automatically, over short and long runs. By reducing or eliminating the need for manual greasing, you’ll save money on labor, increase safety and uptime.

fluilub         beka_max
Transportation – Whether you’re an owner/operator or a fleet manager, an automatic lubrication system will allow you to go further. BEKA-MAX Vehicle Lubrication offers specialized solutions for all makes and models of trucks. BEKA FLUILUB provides lubricant spray systems for wheel flanges and rail heads on rail cars, rail cranes and locomotives.

Wind Power – BEKAWIND manufactures and installs central autolube systems for all of your UPTOWER lubrication requirements to help keep your wind turbine operating reliably for years.

Forestry – From the forest to the mill to the lumber yard, BEKAWOOD has the industry-specific knowledge to create an autolube system to fit any forestry process or processing equipment used in every step from the forest to the lumber store. Autolube also means increased safety for maintenance crews who can stay clear of the danger zone.

Food Processing – Food packaging safety is greatly increased with our waterless lubrication system from BEKA FOODLINE. Our unique expertise and products will help keep processing, conveying and packaging equipment running smoothly.

Service Professionals – Because there will always be a need for manual grease guns, BEKAWORLD offers MATO professional-grade Lube-Shuttle® grease guns that are clean, efficient and easy to use.

So, regardless of your industry application we have the experience and knowledge to maximize your uptime. If you have any lubrication questions, please contact us today!

How to order an automated lubrication system kit correctly – the first time

Take the headaches out of installing an automated lubrication system by getting the right kit the first time. When ordering a kit, give us all the details. We need them to provide you with an autolube kit that is customized to your machine. Getting it right the first time will save you time and money with reduced downtime and less work for your mechanic when it comes to installation.

BEKA automated lubrication system kits are not one size fits all

Food & further processing operations

Food & further processing operations

If we receive a request for a kit for a “new excavator,” it can take some time and lots of back and forth before we can deliver the right product. Our kits are not ‘one size fits all.’ “We literally have thousands of combinations,” says Dave McDougall, BEKA’s Product Manager.

“Our autolube kits come with an installation manual and a schematic drawing to help you with the installation. We also have a library of pictures showing how the brackets have been attached, along with why and where we have installed the button in the cab that activates the system,” says McDougall.

All BEKA kits include a pump, pump brackets and a button for the cab. The type of pump you need is based on your machine, attachments and the number of grease points. The length of hose, number of fittings and distribution blocks in a kit varies greatly.

What we need to know

Excavator with hydraulic hammer

Excavator with hydraulic hammer

Consider any attachments as well. For example, do you have just a regular bucket or a bucket with a thumb? A thumb and the type of bucket can change the number of grease points.

We want your installation to go smoothly. Spending a few extra minutes writing a detailed order can save you hours and even days when it comes to installation.

We can deliver the right kit for your equipment when you or your dealer provides us with the following information:

  1. Make
  2. Model
  3. Series year
  4. Attachments
  5. Number of grease points (Include every pin and bushing, anywhere you apply grease and the distance between them.)
  6. Application (If you’ve converted your machine for a specific application, and have a quick-attach system installed, we need to know.)
  7. Climate (Different types of grease may be required if your machine is operating in extreme heat or cold so we can advise you the most appropriate grease in your application.)

Are you stuck?

Call toll free at 1-888-862-7461 between 8:30 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. EST. Or send us an email with pictures and measurements to and we will get back to you the next business day.

No BEKA dealer in your area?

Give us a call. We are available to come out and do the installation on everything from and excavator to a complete manufacturing line.