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Central Lubrication Systems for Road and Off Road Applications

System Overview

The BEKA-MAX automatic lubrication system product range has been developed for the mobile and heavy equipment markets.

All products have been designed with the durability required for harsh environments found in trucking, agriculture, construction, mining and other industries.

Our Progressive Systems are designed to handle standard shop grease. In a world first, BEKA-MAX uses a combination of two lubrication systems in PICO – the most economic design for modern commercial vehicles.

Lubricant: Oil and Vicious Oil up to NLGI2

The BEKA-MAX automatic lubrication systems are suitable for all mobile applications, such as trucks, construction machines, agricultural machines, floor conveyors.

Two types of systems for road and off road are Progressive and Multi Line.

Progressive Systems

Progressive Operating Principle

Beka Max Progressive Principle
The distributor supplies the lubricant in a fixed order to the different lube points.
Beka Max Progressive2

Multi Line Systems

Multi Line Operating Principle

Beka Max Multiline Principle
Each lubrication point is supplied by an individual line.
Beka Max Multi2
Multi Line Pump OC-1