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The Universal Breaker Lubrication System for All Kinds of Lubricant


  • The solution for small and medium breakers
  • Installation directly at the breaker equals the ideal solution for interchangeable attachments
  • Also suitable for lubricants with solids
  • Adjustable delivery rate
  • Activation by impulse – therefore suitable for applications without steady hydraulic flow
  • Only one hydraulic connection (no need for return flow)
  • Various reservoir sizes (100, 200 and 400 cm3)
  • For direct supply of lube points or for the supply of a progressive system


The hydraulically driven grease pump BEKA HAMAX 1 is mainly used for the lubrication of hydraulic breakers or other attachments of construction machines. The compact design makes a direct assembly at the attachment possible.

The hydraulic pump BEKA HAMAX 1 is connected to the hydraulic system of the carrier machine with a bypass at the pressure line.

The hydraulic oil is metered to the adjusted amount by the metering valve and passed on to the hydraulic pressure chamber.

The metered oil quantity now shifts the delivery piston in the direction of the grease reservoir in the relation 1:1. The displaced grease is pushed out of the grease connection P grease.

Hydraulic Diagram

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Filling of the Pump The pump is filled with a manual grease gun. For that reason a grease gun with higher output was developed. With this special grease gun, the pump can be filled with only one quarter of strokes compared with a conventional grease gun.

Technical Data
Maximum Pressure 40 bar
Maximum Output 8 cm3/stroke
Cartridge Capacity 400 g
Lubricant Cartridges DIN 1284, 400 g
Lubricant Grease up to NLGI Class 2
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